Trifolium Consulting Group was founded by Julie O’Brien and Mike O’Brien. They have a long history of working together in both large and small companies. Julie and Mike were the COO and CEO of financialaid.com, respectively, which funded $1 Billion in student loans annually. Julie went on to found Sweet Paper, LLC a boutique stationery store.  Mike focused on the online world, creating Climber.com, Postings.com and InternationalExports.com. As investors, they are involved with Understand.com & Rehearsal.com.   Julie is on the Board of Directors for the St. Germaine Children’s Charity. Mike sits on the Board of Directors for the Better Business Bureau of the Pacific Southwest and Legacy Education, LLC.

Julie specializes in all things visual.  She has a deep understanding of simplicity and how to use it to remove customer friction.   She helps develop visual communication which instills trust and compels customers to take action.

Mike loves marketing and trusts data.  He believes that understanding a customer’s journey over time leads to a better understanding on how to properly communicate with them.

Together they ask the right questions to develop actionable plans. They take the success your company has in the offline world and translates that to the success online.

Trifolium’s customers are succeeding offline in retail, education and personal services.  They have ecstatic customers, but they were unable to crack the online code.   Today, they are exceeding their goals.